Water Auditing Services

Water Auditing Services
We offer Water Auditing Services, which are nothing but qualitative and quantitative analysis of water consumption to identify means of reuse and recycling of water. Water Auditing enhances the efficiency of the complete water circuit. Water Auditing Services that we offer include segregation of effluent streams and schemes for effectively treating them. Water Auditing Services also encourage social responsibility by identifying wasteful use and enable estimation of the saving potential.

Water Auditing Process :
Our Water & Energy Auditing Services are a systematic, detailed and structured evaluation and improvement process, which are organized around three phases :
  • Phase 1 : Trend & Benchmark
    Historical data on plant production volumes, water and energy use, costs, effluent volume and quality is collected from the plant and analyzed to determine accurate baseline cost trends and plant conditions, and correlate it to production levels.
  • Phase 2 : Measure & Model A structured and comprehensive water and energy on-site data acquisition phase that :
    • Quantifies a baseline water map
    • Produces a plant water balance
    • Defines critical sources of effluent contamination
    • Provides a ranking of all water users with respect to their volume and cost
    • Defines a quantitative target of potential savings opportunities versus the industry model performance indicators
  • Phase 3 : Implement & Sustain
    A phase of planning and execution to establish on-site actions including :
    • Defining and prioritizing projects to turn opportunities into real savings
    • Establishing project Implementation guidelines on site
    • Establishing the Projects’ Performance
    • Indicators Dashboard to document progress and success in the completion of these projects.

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